If you plan on living in this upcoming New York City high rise, and you’re a low-income resident, be prepared to use the “poor door”. The poor door has officially received the green light for the luxury condo. High income residents will use a front door, low income residents will use the “other” door.

The 33-story building that is located at 40 Riverside Boulevard on the Upper West Side, will contain 219 luxury units facing the Hudson River. There will also be a segment on floors two through six that will contain 55 street-facing units for the building’s poorer residents. The people living in this section of the building will have to use their own entrance.

So who’s low income? Families of four with an income $51,540 or less — would be required to use the poor door. They’re also not allowed to use the gym and swimming pool.

Extell’s proposal was approved under the city’s Inclusionary Housing program. This set-aside program allows developers to receive tax breaks when they set aside units for low income people.

Yeah, tax breaks, but residents can’t even use the same door or pool.

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  • the powers that be are tryna squeeze the working class out of NY..they only want the extremely rich and a few extremely poor to be their servants

  • AbortionsAreNotShameful

    This building is on the Upper West Side, a side entrance versus an entrance facing the water view is not an issue. The media sensationalized this story with “poor/rich door” and this is where people jump to stereotypical conclusions. The media will have you thinking one door is for the Birkin bags and Ferragamo set and the other entrance is for the hoodlum hoodie wearing group. Get your head out your asses. This isn’t an issue. The TRUE ISSUE is the ridiculous amount of developments going up and sky high rates that average middle class workers cannot afford. The income level shown of 51g is for a family of 4. SERIOUSLY? That’s near poverty. Several NYCers make at least $45-55g solo, and can barely afford an apartment without roommates. Are they not allowed to live in luxury that affordable? Since when did NYC including the other boroughs became home to gentrification and millionaires?