In the words of Tamar Braxton, “Girl, get yo life”. Jennifer Butler, who divorced her husband in 2010, is planning to fly to the U.S. to marry convicted burglar Christopher Mosier. Butler and Mosier met after she contacted him through an inmate penpal site.

According to the NY Daily News, Butler plans on leaving her three young children — all under 10 years old- in England to start her new life with Mosier, who will be released in September on parole.

“Some people might think I’m bonkers for falling in love with a prisoner. And not everyone will agree with our relationship,” Butler, 29, of Suffolk, Englang explained.

“But Chris is a wonderful man. Sure, he made a few mistakes in the past, but everybody deserves a second chance.”

Finding a prison bae attractive is one thing, but leaving your kids for one is another.


From NY Daily News:

The single mom started writing to Mosier in July 2011 after seeing his profile on the website — a website that connects inmates with pen pals.

His profile revealed he had been sentenced to 15 years in 2009 for a violent burglary and drug charges. Butler says she felt an immediate connection to him and was impressed by his honesty.

“I felt sorry for him being locked up, nobody to talk to except other prisoners. Of course, I didn’t condone his crimes. But he was still a human being, and deserved to have a friend,” she said.

They started writing up to three letters a week and developed a strong friendship, but in June 2013, Butler suddenly stopped receiving letters.

“I felt really sad that I hadn’t heard from him. That’s when I realized my feelings for him ran a lot deeper. I no longer saw him as just a friend anymore,” Butler says.

Butler has already paid Mosier several vists, after saving up money from her part-time job as a sales assistant. Although during on her visits didn’t go as planned because Mosier got into a fight with another inmate and could only speak behind glass.

“We weren’t allowed to touch because he was a maximum-security prisoner at the time,” said Butler. “We had a glass window between us and had to talk through a phone. When I saw him walking down the corridor I knew he was the man for me. We talked for four hours and it felt like I’d known him all my life.”

Times must be hard.

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  • lis


  • Cathy0001

    Looking at the original article – those kids are darned lucky she’s leaving them back in England with their dad ’cause a situation like this can’t lead to a good place. He’s an ex-con and she doesn’t have a permit to work in America? How are they going to pay the rent?

    And if the dad can’t get full custody under these circumstances he’s a bigger fool than she she.

  • Procrastinator

    I wonder if this was a man who left his kids for some chick in another country, would this even be considered news worthy? Also there are a lot of stories of women who bring their kids into messed up situations when they date or marry sex offenders that end in tragedy. The article didn’t give me enough info to be outraged by this. What’s going to happen to the kids? Where’s their father? Are they going to foster care? If not then what is the big deal?

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