Sixteen-year-old Jada chose to speak out after discovering images of her sexual assault were shared and mocked all over social media. Now her mother, Sukeida, and family spokesperson Quanell X, say the cyberbullying has yet to stop, and Jada isn’t the first victim of the perpetrators who drugged, raped and photographed her.

In an interview with MSNBC’s Ronan Farrow, Sukeida and Quanell X remind us of how sick of a world we live in. And while supporters of the young men continue to harass Jada online, a Houston-area rapper decided to write a song off of the horrid hashtag based on Jada’s horrific experience.

Furthermore, there are other young girls who’ve been assaulted and shamed on social media by the same group of young men. One of Jada’s friends was also allegedly raped on the same night as Jada. Police are currently trying to identify the other girls.

The incident was first reported to authorities nearly a month ago.

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