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Thinking she’d never become a mom, single nurse Sara Gibbs decided to adopt the newborn girl abandoned on the doorstep of a Corinth, Mississippi, doctor’s office. Eighteen years later, Gibbs is sending her adoptive daughter, Janessa, to college.

“I was single. I worked night shift. I worked 12-hour-nights,” says Gibbs. “There was nothing in my life that had prepared me for a baby.”

Gibbs says she wasn’t even on the schedule for work that day, but she was called in and among one of the first responders.

“I feel like it was divine intervention, it had to be, because I wasn’t even supposed to be there,” she says.

But with help from her pastor and her hospital friends, she found the courage to adopt Janessa.

“She always tells me that whoever my mother is did it for her,” Janessa says.

“She’s the best mom ever,” she adds of Gibbs. “She’s always been my mom.”

Janessa heads to college in the fall.

Action News 5 – Memphis, Tennessee

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