New Jersey News 12 reporter Sean Bergin was suspended after he argued on the air that the “anti-cop mentality that has so contaminated America’s inner cities” is largely the result of “young black men growing up without fathers.”

News 12 asked Bergin not to come in Monday and Tuesday as the news station figures out how to handle the situation, which could mean a possible termination.

Bergin was speaking  in regards to the murder of police officer Melvin Santiago that occurred outside a Jersey City Walgreens last week.  The suspect in that case, 27-year-old Lawrence Campbell, had reportedly told a witness to “watch the news” that night because he was “going to be famous” before firing two shots at Santiago as the officer arrived in his patrol car.

During the broadcast Bergin stated: “We were besiged, flooded with calls from police officers furious that we would give media coverage to the life of a cop killer. It’s understandable. We decided to air it because it’s important to shine a light on the anti-cop mentality that has so contaminated America’s inner cities. This same, sick, perverse line of thinking is evident from Jersey City, to Newark and Patterson to Trenton.

“It has made the police officer’s job impossible and it has got to stop. The underlying cause of all of this, of course: young black men growing up without fathers. Unfortunately, no one in the news media has the courage to touch that subject.”

One has to wonder if Bergin feels the same way about the cops who practice police brutality. Did they also grow up without fathers?



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  • Wanda

    While I think that his rant was simplifying things too much, I do think that the breakup of the family structure in our communities has devastated Jersey City, Newark, Paterson, Chicago, Harlem, Trenton and many other places.

    I come from a family with a history in New York City law enforcement. One of my relatives helped start a black police organization called the Guardians. Even they see the change.

    As an educator, I have seen the everyday effects of what family breakup has meant to our people. Our children cannot compete with the Asian and white children who are growing up in towns where families with mothers and fathers living in the household are still the majority. Statistically, even the Hispanic children are passing our kids due to more stable family structure (which WE used to have better than all the other groups!!!).

    Something has gone horribly wrong.

    I’m glad that I grew up in a period when most of our families AND communities were intact. I feel terribly for our children today trying to navigate all the confusion.