The NYPD has done it again and proved once again, black people are public enemy number one.

Eric Garner, 43, was killed after being placed in a choke hold by NYPD. The officers accused Garner of selling untaxed cigarettes, and approached him. But witnesses at the scene told cops that Garner did nothing wrong, and had just broke up a fight between other people.

Garner pleaded with the cops to leave him alone, but the Staten Island man was shoved to the grown. A passerby filmed the whole event on a cell phone.  In the video, you can hear Garner saying he couldn’t breathe, but the pigs in blue didn’t back off.

Take a look at the video below:

A few seconds after the cops choked Garner, he was unconscious. Garner went into cardiac arrest and died Thursday at Richmond University Medical Center, the New York Daily News reports.
From NY Daily News:

An NYPD spokesman would only say the man “was being placed in custody, went into cardiac arrest and died” at Richmond University Medical Center.

But Esaw Garner and other family members said it was a trumped up claim.

“They’re covering their asses, he was breaking up a fight. They harassed and harassed my husband until they killed him,” she said. Garner’s family said he didn’t have any cigarettes on him or in his car at the time of his death.

She said she pleaded with police at the hospital to tell her what happened, but they brushed her off.

“They wouldn’t tell me anything,” she said.

Officials confirmed that NYPD Internal Affairs officers launched an investigation Thursday night.

Records show Garner was due in court in October on three Staten Island cases, including charges of pot possession and possession or selling untaxed cigarettes.

Esaw Garner said her husband was unable to work because he suffered from a host of ailments, including chronic asthma, diabetes and sleep apnea.

Garner’s mother, Gwen Carr, 65, added, “I want justice.”

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  • Guest

    “What is the matter with people suggesting he should get disability when this man was killed by over zealous cops”

    Because his source of income had NOTHING TO DO WITH HIS MURDER. The only morons here are you and that other one asking irrelevant questions, because even witnesses are saying he was not selling cigarettes.

    • Maureen Donohue

      Of course his source of income had nothing to do with his murder – you misunderstood what I wrote. My rage at this murder was amplified by the idiotic inferences that, if this man hadn’t been doing something illegal (been on SSI for instance which wouldn’t have fed him or his family anyway) he wouldn’t have been killed (like a misdemeanor even deserved this type of police intervention). It is clear to me after seeing the video and talking to people in this neighborhood that this man was being constantly harassed by cops who had nothing better to do than accumulate surefire arrest numbers (31 in fact) from a poor rather helpless black man who sold “loosies” (single cigarettes to other street people who usually didn’t have the price of a whole pack). His hysterical reaction to the cops coming to arrest him again (and there was no evidence to show he was selling at the time) was perfectly understandable when you understand that this was regular harassment from cops who obviously had too much time on their hands.

  • vintage3000

    That is better than lacking a brain.

  • RIP to the Brother Eric Garner.

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  • Okay, I’m having issues with this article. Why are we referring to officers as pigs in blue? It seems really uncalled for and disrespects officers who are hired to serve and protect. I do understand that NYC is outrageous with its open season on blacks especially black men, but we shouldn’t be generalizing an entire police force over a few bad apples. Were the officers excessive? Absolutely and they should be punished for it. I’m truly saddened to hear that another person has died and his family has to mourn a senseless death.