Monday morning, a woman decided to abandon her 7-month-old baby girl at the Columbus Circle subway stop in New York City. According to witnesses, the woman pushed the baby out of a train onto the platform, then jumped back onto the train.

A good Samaritan saw the baby alone in her stroller and waited for someone to claim her. But after 20 minutes, Catherine Boursier contacted the MTA. The baby was taken to the hospital and was reported to be in good health.

The baby was taken to a nearby hospital and other than a reported rash appears to be in good health. The little girl was given to the Administration for Children’s Services, police told the Daily News. The mother who was described as a black woman and in her 20s or 30s, is now in police custody.


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  • Mary Burrell

    Maybe now she can be adopted and some responsible couple who wants a baby and can nurture and love her can take her. Bless this little one.

  • SexyTollish

    1. If you pick the right dude (with his finances together), you don’t need to bail on your child. But BW chase the Jeremy Meeks of the world & expect a Huxtable lifestyle.

    2. If you stay up on the unlimited options afforded to women in America, you see to it that the child doesn’t end up illegally abandoned.

    3. Black women stay losing. I hope they throw the book at that black bitch.

  • binks

    I hope they throw the ‘mother’ underneath the jail. What a beautiful little girl I hope someone adopts her and gives her the life and mother she deserves. And kudos to the good Samaritan for noticing the baby and the situation.