Allow me to vent for a quick second.

As a woman, I’ve worn my hair relaxed, natural, weaved and bald.  I’ve paid hundreds on braids, as well as weaves. I’ve spent probably thousands on ‘natural’ hair products over the last 20+ years that I’ve been natural. But guess what? I’m so tired of talking, reading and writing about hair, but the fact that when the subject of hair weaves is brought up, it’s always based on some preconceived notion that black women who wear weaves don’t have ‘racial pride’.

Which brings me to the subject of this meme that’s been going around the internet that was recently posted on The Root:


First, the photo is fake, and was originally an image discussing blended families.  I find it amusing that the blame finger is pointing at black women and saying that just because one wears a weave, they have no pride in their race.  Would it be better if black women only rocked afro weaves? Those seem to be quite popular nowadays anyways. Or is it just the silky straight weaves that black women wear?

And yes, I understand the fact that Korean beauty supplies infiltrate black areas, and black owned beauty supply stores are nonexistent. But guess what? White women buy their hair weaves from the same Koreans. Not saying that makes it better though.

Now let’s talk about those who choose not to wear a weave?

Why must we assume that those people are more righteous than others and have an abundance of  racial pride. I’ve seen plenty of natural women and relaxed hair women doing and saying some of the most disturbing things in regards to the black community. Don’t always assume just because a black woman lacks a weave, or is natural, that they’re always going to have their fists in the air yelling ‘Umoja”.

I say all of this to say, stop shaming black women for wearing weaves. A hair weave is not indicative of someone’s pride or lack thereof. Just as someone’s natural hair doesn’t mean they stand in solidarity for black pride.


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  • eve-audrey

    Thank you!

  • eve-audrey


  • Procrastinator

    One of my facebook friends shared your kickstarter! It’s such a good idea! Good luck!

  • elle

    1. With all this talk about weave, people forget that black women also shop at beauty supply stores because to buy their gels, shampoos, deep conditionsers, conditioners, moisterizers, hood dryers, etc. SO if all the black wome grew out their afros, the shop owners would still get our money, unless we choose to do something different.
    2. The discussion about where we spend our money is more important and more central to the meme than the issue of weave. Our communities are overrun with businesses owned by folks who live elsewhere. I read somewhere that in affluent communities, the average dollar circulates 5x before it leaves! In black communities, the average dollar leaves as soon as it’s spent. Yep, we need to fix this.
    3. There are 1,000,001 articles on this site that bemoan the fact that the dominant culture (and often people in our own culture) does not affirm or celebrate black beauty. If that is all that you wish this conversation to be about, please find one of those other articles. Let the folks who want to talk about economics do so. This conversation does not have to be exclusive.

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