Last time we chatted about relationships, I received a text, a day later, from someone who stood me up. Needless to say, although it was disappointing, it was quite cathartic when it came to what I was willing to settle for, and what I didn’t have the time for.

I sat back and reevaluated my past relationships and the things I put up with.  Inconsiderateness was one of them.  My girlfriend got on me after I told her about the cancelled date, and said that maybe I should give the guy another a chance.  But why should I even do that?  For years, I gave chances to people.

Guy A- constantly late or cancelling.  Years wasted=  1 1/2, because I settled.

Guy B-  didn’t have any motivation to better himself, thought I could be that encouraging voice he needed. Years wasted= 2, because I settled

Guy C- god his breath was stank. Years wasted kissing a yuck mouth, f*ck that, after the 3rd kiss I was out of there. Days wasted= 4.

In all honesty, I’m sure some guy I’ve dated is thinking about how he may have been settling by choosing me, but guess what? That’s not the moral of this post.y

There are certain things that I’ve learned that I will not settle for, and  I will not be deterred.  Unfortunately this may also mean that I’ll be making love to my rabbit for the rest of my life. At least I know my rabbit can’t stand me up. Well that’s if it happens to run out of batteries.


Clutchettes, have you ever settled in a relationship? What won’t you settle for?



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