During the recent “Opie and Anthony” racist tirade, which resulted in Anthony Cumia being fired from Sirius radio, I noticed numerous threats and racial epithets directed towards black women who either wrote about the story, or even tweeted about it.  In what always appears to happen, black women stood up in defense of the women who were being attacked.  But as I scrolled throw tweet, after tweet, it  was rare to see the face of a black man speaking in retaliation.

And here is the issue.

Should black women look for black men to stand up for them? If other races are attacking black women, why is it that the ‘brothers’ are usually the last ones to speak up, or often times join in on the attack?

Sure there are those men who stand in solidarity with black women, but those seem to be in the minority. Personally, not only do I defend black women, but I also make it a point to defend black men as well.  The saying “I am my brother’s keeper” was something that was instilled in when I was younger, and still something I tend to hold close to me.

Clutchettes: Should We Expect Black Men To Defend Black Women When Attacked Online? Or is it a lost cause? 

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