The above photo is an image that comes up when you search “ghetto ratchet” on Google. I have no idea who this woman is, or where she’s located, but she’s not  been memorialized in the meme below that is circulating around the internet.


On The Root, Josie Pickens wrote that the woman is “audacious” for being bold enough to wear such an outfit, especially being full figured.

What is audacious, and what should be celebrated, about a half-dressed woman standing outside her local Wal-Mart? It’s that, considering her stance, she is unbothered by our collective judgment, and I love it!

I take this stance intentionally, while the “mean girls” launch into their routine, commenting on how awful and fat and unattractive and disgusting the woman pictured is. While the body- and fat-shamers relish having yet another opportunity to take to their soapboxes and exclaim how our acceptance of obesity is killing the black community. While the fashion police weigh in on how repulsive she looks, because, again, she’s fat and black. Inevitably, the crowd substitutes the master’s tool of racism with classism and talks about how ratchet she is, with her multicolored hair, visible cellulite and overall bad taste. Everyone has a laugh.

I totally get what Pickens is saying, but I’m not going to sit here and act as though that outfit looks nice on her. I’m not even sure it would like nice on anyone as a matter of fact. Whether thin or thicker.

To me, dressing for your body size is just as important as being presentable.  Nowadays, you don’t have to squeeze into an outfit that’s so constricting your breasts are popping out. And once again, that goes for skinny women too.  As a woman who is 5’11 and 200 lbs, I know there are certain articles of clothing I wouldn’t be caught dead in.  There’s traces of cellulite that I’ve had since college, maybe a little armpit fat, so I try to accentuate the positive instead of over emphasizing them. But that’s me. Not everyone is the same.

Clutchettes, do you think thicker woman should be applauded for showing their bodies?

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