Satire is a lost art, and Aaron McGruder is one of the few black TV writers who found success by mastering it. But some people think his newest show “Black Jesus” has pushed the envelope all the way off the table.

Let’s forget about the ‘hood’ setting, the water Jesus turns into malt liquor, the blatant stereotypes that some people have an issue with, all of that is McGruder’s repertoire. We’ve already seen it in The Boondocks. It’s nothing new.

What is new is the fact that conservative Christians have no discovered “Black Jesus” and they’re not here for it. Sure, they’ll say it’s because of the content of the show, but I’m not buying it. I have my reasons.

Every Sunday millions of church people gather in churches and praise their lily-white Jesus that looks like an old school Brad Pitt. Some comments on YouTube have posted that the show is blasphemy against their “lord”. But if McGruder’s Jesus was white, I think some of these people would think a little differently about it.

Then there’s the section of Christians who feel they’re being persecuted by the show. And that it’s not fair that Muslims aren’t made fun of. Correct me if I’m wrong, but how many Christians had issues with racial profiling after 9/11? I’m guessing none.  It kind of reminds me of white people who feel that it’s unfair that they can’t say the “n” word. Will Christians be happy with a show mocking Allah?

These people complaining couldn’t give two rats asses about the hood or how the show is ripe with stereotypes. They don’t care about how black women are depicted. They don’t care that the satire is pointed at the black community.

They want their “version” of Jesus to be all holy and white. Not to mention, some won’t be satisfied until they can publicly laugh at Allah. I’m going to need people not to only just turn the other cheek, but also turn their channels to something more fitting. I hear some networks are still showing “Highway to Heaven”.


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