All of the begging, pleading, flowers and even a failed album didn’t bring Paula Patton back to Robin Thicke, and sources say he’s given up.  According to TMZ, Thicke is telling his inner circle, that the marriage has collapsed. Well, duh.

One sign of his surrender, is the listing of his L.A. home earlier this week.  Patton hasn’t lived in the home since the couple separated, and this could be seen as the start of assets being split.  A source told TMZ that Thicke is saying he’s not going to be the one to file for divorce, so now the ball is in Patton’s court.

I’m probably the only one out there who feels that there are some marriages that can be saved, and applaud Thicke’s effort in trying to save his.  But I also applaud Patton for sticking to her guns and putting her foot down.

Sometimes, the swirl thrill is just gone.

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