You know, when I”m sending nudes to my dude, I always check the name twice, just to make sure they’re going to the right person. Nah, I’m just joking. No nude pics being sent from me, but you can’t say that people don’t do it. Or make mistakes while doing it.

Take for example this college student Nyjah, who goes by @dearfashionn on Twitter. Nyjah apparently sent her father a nude text that was meant for a guy:

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  • SimplePseudonym

    I call phony. An attempt at social media reality star-like fame.

  • Phoenix Ares

    Welcome to life! You made an adult decision and you’re getting a taste of adult life as you’ll experience it. I’m assuming you’re at least 18, technically an adult but you still have a lot to learn kid. You sent nudies to a dude who’ll probably circulate them the first time you piss him off. Then you’ll be forgotten in a month (by him at least but not the internet). NEVER a good idea to send nudes to anyone period.
    If you just gotta have a naked picture of yourself then:

    1) Get yourself a printer.

    2) Snap a selfie of you naked, print it out on the spot and frame it on a wall in your crib or something.

    3) And be sure to take it down when you get visitors. Trust NO ONE.

    Not only do you have to face the music with mom and dad but this could come back to haunt you years from now when you’re wanting that job offer. What you did years prior shouldn’t matter but it does. We all do dumb things in our youth and even as old adults but sadly some of those things follow you for life.

  • AfroStyling

    I’m just glad she has a dad. And one who cares and will put a boot up her ass for acting a fool. I swear some of these American kids needs to go to Nigerian boarding schools aka boot camp. Who am i to be doing this to my father? Na craze?

  • Kai26

    How has she disrespect and diss her father by taking a nude picture of herself?

    • AfroStyling

      She disrespected him by filming his reaction and posting it for clicks.