We’ve all seen the videos.  Some of us may have even laughed. But they’re not that funny.  I’m talking about hood prank videos.  With cameras in hand, people who aren’t black, seem to get a rise out of going into predominately black neighborhoods and pranking unsuspecting people.  But what typically happens is that the prankster ends up getting assaulted because of their stupidity.

Take for example the videos below:

So what is it going to take for these people to realize this shit isn’t funny? A bullet? Getting stabbed? Being carted off in a stretcher? The people behind these prank videos pretty much have a death wish. But whose fault will it be once something serious really erupts? I find it interesting that there isn’t a “Suburban Pranks” genre of these videos. But I guess getting a rise out of black people and exploiting already negative stereotypes about the hood is everyone’s aim.

One of these days a prankster is going to walk up to the wrong person and attempt to prank them, and it isn’t going to end too well. I’m quite sure that’ll end their trips to the hood.

Clutchettes, what do you think about these hood prank videos?

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