I grew up on fruit roll ups. But but not kind that you buy in the health food store. My favorites were ones with corn syrup, fruit from concentrate and yellow number 5 and 6 on the nutrition facts label.

When I grew up and became a Registered Dietitian, my cravings for fruit roll ups never went away. That’s when I knew it was time to create my own healthier versions from scratch — with no sugar added, thank you very much. This recipe takes a long time to make, but you will be happy to know that it only contains one simple ingredient: fruit.

This is a first in a series from Food Heaven Made Easy, a weekly healthy cooking webseries that I co-host with my BFF and fellow nutritionista Wendy. We are both nutrition nerds and have masters degrees in nutrition science. Each week, our show alternates between a healthy cooking recipe and evidenced nutrition topic. We’re here to show the world that healthy cooking can be fun, culturally relevant, easy, and affordable.

Lets cook!

By Jess of Food Heaven Made Easy

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