Universal Pictures and the filmmakers behind the NWA biopic has released a statement on the casting noticed posted yesterday that seemingly graded women based on their looks and skin color. Universal Pictures stated that they “did not approve and do not condone the information” posted by Sande Alessi Casting. The studio also added, “We regret and sincerely apologize for being in any way associated with the offensive descriptions it contained.”

The casting agency deleted their post after people complained about it, and in a statement to TMZ, stated that  it was an “innocent mistake”.

Of course  Universal Pictures threw the casting company under the bus, especially since casting descriptions will normally come directly from the production company. Sande Alessi was probably just following directions.


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  • NY’s Finest

    I don’t care how many statement’s or apologies they release I’m not putting my money into this crap. I’m glad this info came out because I was considering seeing the movie but I’ll just keep my money in my pocket.

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  • D1Mind

    Unfortunately this crap has been going on in Hollywierd since the beginning. But suddenly it is now an issue because somebody decided to put this casting call on twitter. But what about before twitter? You mean all these wanna bees and promoters didn’t know that stuff like this was going on? Black folks haven’t done anything to protest this nonsense going all the way back to the 20s and beyond and wouldn’t have been protesting if it hadn’t been put on twitter.

    To see how old this is look up ‘Reet Petite and Gone’ on youtube and scroll to the 30 minute mark…..