Screen Shot 2014-07-17 at 1.37.43 PMA recent Pew Research Center survey shows that the majority of American adults favor accelerating children deportations regardless of whether they are eligible for asylum, TIME reports.

Over 50,000 unaccompanied minors have illegally escaped to the U.S. over the past nine months, often fleeing violence and poverty in Central America. But 68 percent of Americans (77 percent of Democrats) favor legal status for the youths’ citizenship, down from 73 percent (81 percent) in February.

“We’re definitely seeing a large uptick in anti-immigrant rhetoric since children have been coming in from Central America,” says Deborah Lauter, the Anti-Defamation League’s civil rights directory. “This humanitarian crisis is really providing fodder for it.”

President Obama has declared the influx a humanitarian crisis and proposed legislation that would accelerate the removal process for immigrant children.

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  • mdottwo

    The Chicago NAACP issued a study that indicated in “sanctuary Chicago” and “sanctuary Cook County”, where more than 3 million illegals have invaded, encouraged by the corrupt Chicago City Council;


    • Genuinesol

      Not only that, what no one here is realizing which is sad but not surprising, is that if the shoe was on the other foot, most Hispanics would not GIVE A DAMN if it was black American kids who were suffering and in need of assistance. I never understand why we as black Americans pretend that there is not a huge race issue within the Latino population as well. They, Latinos, love to state how they “come in all colors” like a bag of Skittles and yet look at their media, they only want to show one color and here we are wanting to invite more people into the USA who will just add on another layer of bigotry.

      In spite of the fact that there are millions of Afro-Latinos in Latin America and their food, dance, music, language, and structure are all products of the African presence in Latin America there is a huge anti-black sentiment in Latin America. Just do you research on how blacks are treated in most Latin countries and tell me if you really think that if a horde of black American kids sent thousands of miles to a foreign country, abandoned by their parents, would be welcomed in any of the nations in Central and South America? If you think the answer is yes then just do research on how in countries such as Brazil, Colombia, and Honduras they are trying to take land that the descendants of Africans have inhabited for centuries. Just look at the white-washed Spanish language media that never shows indigenous Latino and only shows Afro-Latinos as maids, cooks, dancers, gangsters, and athletes.

      Some of these kids are coming from countries where black Latinos are treated like crap and the adults and the governments of these countries are just fine with that but we are now suppose to just accept anyone who shows up at our border, completely disregards the law, and take care of them when our own citizens are at a lost? This subject makes me so angry that I can barely speak peacefully about it but then I remember, it is just one of many, many unjust and unfair situations in this world.

      Do we really not think the parents of these kids are not negligent and just all around terrible parents? If they gave a damn about their kids’ welfare they would not send them through drug-gang, human smugglers infested nations all on their own. A black woman leaves her kids in the car for a job interview however and she is thrown in jail and faces ridiculed. *Sigh*

  • Genuinesol

    Let me ask this question; does America just open their borders to all disadvantaged children? Judging by some of the comments here, the answer would be a resounding “yes”. There are American children, especially black American children, who are suffering the effects of generational poverty and lack of access to transportation, quality healthcare, good education, housing, and you name it but, we are sitting here pushing for our government to take on the responsibility of kids from other countries? Well lets not stop there then, let’s invite the kids from Haiti, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Cambodia, India, and the former Soviet countries here as well since America is obligated to take in any and everyone. Do you see any other country doing such a thing? No, so exactly why is America obligated to do so.

    I tell you what is funny, these kids were abandoned by their parents and no one is speaking about that. A black woman lets her child play in the park near HER JOB and she is arrested and labeled a “terrible mother”. What hypocrisy! Something else that is funny, these kids passed through several other countries on their way to the USA, exactly why did none of them petition to stay in Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, or etc?

    Last but not least, let’s not blame the USA solely for the corruption and appalling violence in Latin America. When are residents of Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, and etc. going to be held responsible for trying to fix their own countries? A lot of these countries were dealing with crime, violence, and poverty long before the war on drugs so that in itself is not to blame. Some of the worse gangs in our nation are Latino gangs so some of these immigrants are bringing their violent mentality with them to areas of the USA that are already dangerous and trust me, some of them are bringing their racist mentality here as well. There are several studies about the anti-black sentiment among Latinos even by those who are black or have African ancestry. Do your research and realize that Latinos, in spite of whatever race they claim, have just as many issues with racism in spite of the large numbers of Afro-Latinos. I am not looking forward to dealing with more ignorant, disgusting bigots but I am black American of modes means, who cares what I or people like me think or desire?

    • Me

      you said everything i was think. from deadbeat parents abandoning their kids in another country to this being about a white immigrant issue b/c we know nobody would be debating letting black kids stay to other countries being responsible for their citizens. so when these kids come here, do they become wards of the state or just try to find some random relative that may or may not be here legally & grow up bucking the system so they can turn around and find a loophole to bring in other family members? i mean let’s be serious. toddlers ain’t making it across the border by themselves. they not wandering the streets trying to figure out where to go and how to get by. the ones that are too little to know what’s going on came w/parents & they need to be shipped back as a family… otherwise if the kids stay, the parents should automatically lose their parental rights & those kids should go through foster care just like any abandoned american child would. you can’t endanger a child & expect to be seen as a good parent. the ones that came alone are old enough to know they’re doing something wrong & need to be shipped back alone just like they came.

    • mdottwo

      There are opening the borders to pregnant illegals and unaccompanied illegal children, while they place 80% of the abortion clinics in black neighborhoods. Is somebody getting the picture?