• ALM247

    I love the fact that Weird Al doesn’t remake every song. He waits until there is a monster hit on the scene. I love the fact that he incorporated other comedians into the video.

    Socks with sandals……

    Never letting you forget a favor I did for you…..

    Asking “are you pregnant?” to random women….

    Constant name dropping….

    He nailed it!

  • Anonin

    I don’t mind Al I just don’t like how he doesn’t ask permission for some of the songs he parodies then looks like a deer caught in a headlight when the artist calls it out

    • Sparger

      Weird Al always asks permission. If the artist says no he moves on. He has never parodied Prince for example.

    • Reina Benoir

      Legally he is not required to ask permission as it’s parody but he does and even goes so far as to not do a song if some “artist” thinks too highly of themselves to say yes.

      The song may be called “Tacky” but Weird Al is a class act.

  • msbookworm43 .

    He nailed it once again and is as brilliant as ever.

  • vintage3000

    Still on point and hilarious after all these years! Plus the video looks like one tracking shot with no cuts, very impressive and well done.

  • 4fathers

    Is it just me or do white people always need to mimic something that blacks create?

    • lil ray

      just you

    • Ditzymuffin

      I take it you are not familiar with Weird Al.