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The natural hair movement has brought more women into the fold and wearing their natural hair but it has also brought more women to wearing natural styles even if they are still relaxed. It’s popular and it’s OK to admit that. Natural hair is beautiful and unique and as we embark further into this movement we are seeing a surge of wigs, weaves and braids that are taking on natural textures as popular styles. Some are human hair and some are synthetic but all are beautiful and show how popular our natural tresses are becoming. Hey, I want it to stay like this forever but styles come and go and so does what’s hot.

What doesn’t come and go are problems. If not treated they continue and ignoring them is never the solution. One such incident would be allergic reactions to synthetic hair or any hair for that matter. “Synthetic Hair is fibrous plastic hair that can be used to weave into real hair to create the appearance of a fuller head of hair. This is generally used in wigs and hair extensions, you can also get human hair extensions which as the name describes are made from cuttings of treated human hair.”

Synthetic hair comes in a weave or weft or in single strands. It doesn’t last as long as human hair and gets damaged with friction and using heat styling tools should never be used on them unless the package states it can. (Although hot water is used to curl the ends of braids or a lighter is used to burn the ends to curtail unraveling or frizz).

Synthetic hair has come a long way and in many cases it’s hard to tell if a woman is wearing it if she’s got the better quality type. There is a real appeal to wearing synthetic hair because it offers ease of maintenance. You can’t apply heat and even some types you are recommended not to even wash so it really is great for braiding hair more so than loose hair. It’s less durable than human hair but it is much cheaper than human hair.

Despite the ease and great price, some women are finding themselves with allergic reactions to some types or all synthetic braiding hair, weaves or wigs. It’s not the hair itself that women are finding this reaction to but rather the anti-static coating the hair is covered in to keep the strands from sticking together. It’s an alkaline base coating that have some women suffering from severe itching to red and/or whelps or bumps throughout their scalp.

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