In today’s “I wish a n*word would news” a Whatburger employee says she was forced to clean floors at the restaurant with a toothbrush. Whitney Clark, an employee at a Houston Whataburger, said on top of being teased at work about her weight, she was forced to use the oral device to clean floors.

”I just let it get to me because you hear it over and over and over,” she said.

Clark said her manager was not only verbally abusive, but treated her like crap.

“She said we’ve got to get on our hands and knees and clean the floor with a toothbrush,” said Clark.

Clark’s mother was the one who filmed her daughter cleaning the floors through the store’s window and couldn’t believe her eyes.  Clark has described her job as being on her knees for four hours, not only cleaning the dining room, but also the men’s and women’s bathrooms. And get this, she didn’t even have gloves!

Clark said because of knee injuries, she has now filed a worker’s comp claim, as well as an EEOC complaint.

According to a statement by Whataburger, Clark is lying. They said she was given a grout brush and not a toothbrush:

“One of our Core Values at Whataburger is to treat others with respect. We also pride ourselves in providing a safe and clean working environment. Therefore we ask all of our employees at all levels to participate in keeping our restaurants clean for our customers. Cleaning with proper cleaning equipment is standard operating procedure for all our restaurants.”


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