For those people who like to use emoticons, whether you’re Team Android or Team iPhone, the lack of diversity has been a common issue. But a former NASA employee has done something about it. Katrina Parrott  developed  iDiversicons that includes over 900 diverse emoticons. Parrot’s app includes African-American, Asian, bi-racial and diverse family scenarios.

Katrina stated, “We wanted all people to be able to find an emoticon that looked like them.”

From The Daily Dot:

Parrot was a Program Manager at NASA before getting laid off last year. With her newfound free time, a bit of inspiration, and no prior coding experience, she purchased Apple’s Developer Program, hired an illustrator, and went to work composing what would become iDiversicons. The app was introduced to the App Store in October 2013.

In May 2014, Parrott successfully raised just over $2,000 to further improve the Apple version of the app and complete a version compatible with Android, which was released through the Google Play store on June 25.

In order to use an icon, a user has to go into the app and find an image to use. They’d then highlight, copy, and paste the icon in their chosen application. It might not be as easy as scrolling through the emoji keyboard already built into smartphones, but for those frustrated with the emoji status quo, the extra seconds aren’t too big of a hurdle.

Check out Parrot explaining iDiversions:

Download yours today  in the App Store and Google Play Store.

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