Zendaya Coleman is speaking out about her decision to leave Lifetime’s Aaliyah biopic. Coleman posted a series of Instagram videos to talk about the rumors surrounding her exit, as well as to congratulate the new actress taking over the role.

Let me just explain something,” Coleman said in an Instagram video. “The reason why I chose not to do the Aaliyah movie had nothing to do with the haters, or people telling me that I couldn’t do it, I wasn’t talented enough or I wasn’t black enough. It had absolutely nothing to do with that. The main reasons were that the production value wasn’t there, there were complications with the music rights, and I just felt like it wasn’t being handled delicately considering the situation.”

In one of the videos, Coleman also stated that she attempted to reach out to Aaliyah’s family, but was unsuccessful.

We’re pretty sure Coleman’s career will be just fine.

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  • Elizabeth Jones

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  • D.J

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    • Jo ‘Mama’ Besser

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