Screen Shot 2014-08-15 at 1.28.03 PMHave you ever used natural deodorant? Did you know that a chemical reaction between aluminum-based antiperspirants and laundry detergent is what causes yellow armpit stains? Yes. And for that reason and many more we decided to test out some of the natural deodorants on the market and find some that really work.

Check out the natural deodorants that made our list!

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  • QS_1998

    I swear by Crystal. I have used it for years after I realized commercial deodorants were making my armpits itch. And it’s the cheapest, most accessible one of all these brands (I get it from my local Giant grocery store or CVS pharmacy). Not prepared to pay 15 bucks for deodorant. IJS…

    • Kema

      Does it work??? lol! That’s my biggest fear about natural deodorant. But I would love to stop messing up the armpits of ALL of my clothes. Smh!

    • QS_1998

      Yes! I have no complaints in that department. Back when I first decided to start using natural deodorant I used Tom’s. Bad choice. I found myself having to reapply halfway through the day. I tried the Lavender White Tea scent of Crystal and have not turned back. No more itchy armpits. They also have a Pomegranate scent

  • AJ

    Thanks, Clutch for this post. I too have a lot of trouble with skin irritation caused by traditional deodorants. I’m going to try some of these. I think I’ll take QS_1998’s advice and start with Crystal.

  • Cee Jay

    Looking forward to trying some of these. Lord knows I’ve wasted alot of money on natural deodorants. I fear the cancer risks of regular deoderants but natural just don’t give me enough coverage.