I’m a sucker for black owned. I revel in knowing black men and women are thriving, building, creating and manufacturing goods and services. This is, after all, the true American way to succeed. Ownership is more than just creating a product…it is the way to change laws, ways of life, and having legacies to leave to children and grandchildren. Growth and prosperity is harder to obtain when working for someone else…especially if your dollars are leaving your community.

With the surge of the Natural hair movement we have begun to see a break in the status quo and many hair products that black women use on or in their hair is no longer largely made by white businesses. Nothing wrong with that but something as personal as our hair and the products we use on them should be created by and staying within our community. Limited way of seeing the world? Maybe, but as we new and upcoming black men and women thriving, growing, and prospering with these new products in this ever-popular movement, it shows just how backwards we have been for decades.

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