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Twentysomethings are fresh, new members of society. They’re wet around the ears, so to speak. Your twenties are the years of exploration. During one’s twenties, the individual should be having fun, while learning about one’s self. Focusing on finding love should not be at the top of your to-do list. However, what every twentysomething-year-old Black woman should be doing is enjoying the dating scene. There are a plethora of guys one should hope to come in contact with during her twenties. These guys are whom you should not date once you hit 30. Here are five types of guys you should get out of your system before the big 3-0.

The Frat
This guy, perhaps, should be the first kind of guy you date during your college matriculation. He is not looking for love. He is Mister Fun! He’ll more than likely get you into all Greek parties, for little to no cost. If you’re shy, he can help you ease out of your shell.

The Eclectic
If you’re the conservative type, this here fellow will pique your senses in ways you have never imagined. From art gallery openings to spoken word performances, you will most certainly enjoy the nonconformist that he is. Beware, this free spirit will not be in any position, at that time in his life, to provide stability and offer you a real commitment.

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  • Me

    idk how i feel about the stereotypes in this list but then again i’m not 20 something.

  • ShezSooUnusual

    I’m all for a tongue-in-cheek piece every once and a while, but I’m not sure this article is the best directive for any woman over the age of 22. I could be wrong, but it seems to encourage us to waste our time with men who we’ve already identified as being the wrong type of man for us.

    That’s a problem for a couple of reasons. For starters, Black women (who this article is targeted toward) have already been universally stigmatized for our apparent inability to select quality partners. (We don’t need to do anything to give credence to that stereotype.)

    Secondly, as women, we have a biological clock. Women who want to be mothers have an expiration date. You don’t want to wait until you’re over 30 to start taking dating seriously.

    Especially if you are marriage-minded.

    Let’s be real: The scene doesn’t get any easier the further up you get in years. (No offense intended!)

    Perhaps my outlook on life is a wee bit too rigid. That’s a matter for debate. But I’m just a proponent of dating with a purpose. I’m not into casual dating just for the sake of dating.

    If I know that you’re not the type of man that I’d be interested in building a long-term relationship or marriage with, why are we going out again?

    Oh — that’s right…because you’re the DJ. (*Insert eye-rolling here*)

    Women who spend their twenties “enjoying the dating scene” tend to mistakenly think they have forever to find “The One” and start putting buns in the oven…when Mother Nature has clearly shown us that that is not the case.

    If you want to find a mate before all of your eggs dry up, your twenties should be spent “interviewing” eligible companions, not dating jocks you know you have no future with just because they’re cute.

    That’s what high school was for.

    • Primmest Plum

      I don’t think your outlook is too rigid at all. Finding someone to spend the rest of your life with is serious picking, especially if you are mother/marriage minded and yeah, this is all very high school.

      Side Note: After reading your response I’m thinking of letting my daughter “date” at an early age, with rules and boundaries of course, but just so she can get her feet wet and weed out the unnecessaries. I understand that for that to work I would have to have an EXTREME amount of communication and trust with my daughter though. Will def work hard on that.

      Lol your response got me thinking way ahead. Thanks.

    • ShezSooUnusual

      Thanks! I get that trial and error in romance can be a powerful teaching tool, but intentionally wasting your time in meaningless relationships is just insane to me.
      PS: I’m not a mom, but tread lightly with your baby girl when it comes to dating early. My mother wouldn’t even let me have boys call the house until I turned 18. I think she could have loosened up the reigns around 16…LOL…but I’m probably a better woman today because I actually had a chance to be a kid.
      Follow your best judgment as a mother, but don’t let your daughter grow up too fast. Most people with good sense have all this casual dating nonsense out of their system by the time they’re out of college — regardless of when they started dated.
      I’m sure she’ll be fine.

  • Anna Rouse

    Five types of guys to date before…30??! I’m 26 and found this article inane. What’s presented is kinda juvenile and laughable. If you’re a woman who’s hoping to settle down with the right man, this article offers nothing beneficial.

  • 2NatuRho

    Eh, this list, at best, was highly amusing. I think this list should’ve been “5 guys you should date before you graduate from college”……