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The Alabama State University Mighty Marching Hornets Marching Band is heading to reality tv. The band will soon start to film episodes for the A&E Network, according to the university.

Band director, Professor James Oliver, said “Bama State Style” will be family-based and will highlight student growth as they navigate through the music program.

“This is a unique and wonderful opportunity to share with the public, through the A&E Network, our incredible university, and to let the world see how we nurture our ASU band members into becoming good musicians and motivate them to become great students academically,” Oliver said.

“Bama State Style” is expected to air in January 2015.

This isn’t the first time the band has been highlighted on TV. It was also featured in an online miniseries, called “Magic Before the Classic,” for the National Black Television Network.

Just in case you’ve never seen them perform, check out the video below:

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  • Brad

    Well, good thing they don’t play us in the Turkey Day Classic anymore. Would be bad to get shown up by the marching pipers of Tuskegee University on national television.

  • G

    Enough already . . . Black folks and reality TV, manna from money heaven for the Network!

    And we are more than willing to do whatever the producers say, no level is too low!

  • London

    Black Culture For Sell!!!!!!!
    Anyone! Anyone!

  • Sharon Hughes

    i normally dont look forward to reality as they are all the same pretty much but i will see what this is about. The thing that is pulling me is that at least this show will by proxy be showing BLACK KIDS IN COLLEGE, getting an education not trying to come up as an ex or wife of a wealthy person. I assume as with most schools you have to go to ASU to be in the band and thats why I say by proxy. To me at least its a step in the right direction no matter how tiny.

    • Delia

      So true about the depiction of black youths getting a higher education, it’s a step up from what’s out there…however, I agree with the other commentators as well.

      It seems black people are the whores of reality T.V.