October Cover

Alfre Woodard, Laverne Cox, Nicole Beharie, and Danai Gurira cover the latest issue of ESSENCE. In the upcoming cover story entitled “Channel Changers,” Alfre Woodard, Laverne Cox, Nicole Beharie and Danai Gurira sit down to discuss this exciting moment in television.

Whether you want to admit or not, ESSENCE has shown major improvement on changing up their cover stars this year!

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  • NLabelle

    Black women have done this to themselves and have no one to blame for this but themselves. Black women have FULLY embraced the transgender agenda on social media. Everyone knows black women will mammy and fight for everyone but ourselves. And the public face of the transgender movement is black for that very reason. Because they know you all will throw on your capes and defend Laverne Cox and Janet Mock with your own lives. It’s disgusting. This cover is disgusting. And black women need to be ashamed and embarrassed that we have allowed this to happen.

    • sarah

      Perhaps black women are fighting for what is right. There’s no logically reason not to support this woman. Laverne Cox is a human being and she is showing many of us a world that we know nothing about. But we do know that what is right is right and no one should be getting killed and bullied and treated horribly because he or she wants to live as the opposite sex. Funny how you hate the movement but you seem to know a lot about it. anyhttp://www.thebrewonline.com/is-transgenger-cool-from-a-distance Kudos to Larverne Cox and Janet Mock!


    • Katie


      Have you not been listening to anyone in this thread. Cox has supported a CHILD MURDERER! Not only that but he believes jst by donning a dress and mutilating himself that now changes his sex. He needs help, not enablers. What if a black person said he identified with whites, lightened his skin, and wore blue contacts, is he white? Of course not. Open your eyes. There’s no different and people in both situation would need help. These “women ” only get away because the trans movement has totalitarian overtones.

  • ESSENCE JUST LOST A CUSTOMER!!! September was my last issue and this October issue has crossed the line.
    First it was Reggie Bush (no need to explain there), then, even though I luv the girl; how much Nia Long is enough? Now the LGBT wanna shove Laverne Cox down my throat???? I do not accept.
    What white men magazine was Chaz Bono on???
    Essence editors need to go to the drawing board because this issue does NOT represent black women.
    I’m telling my cousin bout this issue too and I will make sure she cancels her subscription. The LGBT will not add to the mockery of black women.