Attorney Gen. Eric Holder Delivers Statement On Supreme Court Voting Rights Act

Attorney General Eric Holder is saying everything most people wish the president would say. During his visit to Ferguson, Mo., Holder met with a group of local college students to offer words of encouragement.

“I am the attorney general of the United States,” Holder told the students. “But I am also a black man.”

“I understand the mistrust,” he told them in regards to the ever prevalent race issues in America.

Holder also told reporters  that he has assigned some of the department’s most experienced investigators to handle the killing of Mike Brown. The DOJ is looking for possible violations of federal criminal civil rights statutes.

“Our investigation into this matter will be full, it will be fair, and it will be independent,” Holder said.

“On one side, people are saying you’re rushing to justice, and on the other side, they’re saying you’re dragging this thing out,” Holder said at a news conference. “We’re going to present this as expeditiously as possible, but we are not going to present it in a half-hearted manner.”

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