Barneys has agreed to pay $525,000 to settle allegations that minorities entering its Madison Ave. flagship store were unfairly profiled.  In regards to an investigation, State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman listened to first hand accounts from customers and former employees that showed a pattern of racial profiling after the retailer started to crack down on credit card fraud.

The complaints stated that the loss prevention unit routinely made a habit out of watching black and hispanic shopper in disproportionate numbers.

“This agreement will correct a number of wrongs,” said Schneiderman, “both by fixing past policies and by monitoring the actions of Barneys and its employees to make sure that past mistakes are not repeated.”

Last year, two shoppers filed separate lawsuits against Barney’s, accusing the company of racially profiling them.  Trayon Christian, a 19-year-old student, said he was followed by NYPD plainclothes cops outside the store and accused of fraud after he bought a $349 Ferragamo belt.  Kayla Phillips, a 21-year-old nursing student, was surrounded in February 2013 by four plainclothes cops who accused her of credit card fraud after she bought a $2,500 orange suede Celine bag. Both of those lawsuits are still pending.

As part of Barney’s settlement agreement Barneys has agreed to pay the $525,000 in fines and legal expenses, to hire an “anti-profiling consultant” for two years, to update its detention policy and to improve training of security and sales personnel.


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  • Me

    i wanna know how jay-z’s dumb a$$ idea went down. trying to hoodwink black folks to keep shopping at barney’s so he could line his pockets b/c his new line was coming out right around the same time these cases started popping up. bp should swear off barney’s imo. “anti-profiling consultant”. i bet.

    • TheQuestions

      Didn’t hear much more about it because they have well paid PR teams. IMO Jay Z showed his true colors (loyalties) in that case, except I’m sure some black people will still give him a pass.

    • If people were really offended, they would stop patronizing his music and any other businesses associated with him. However, he has crossed over into mainstream. So, I wouldn’t be surprise if he saw Black people and the Rap business as nothing more than a stepping stone, the way he probably saw the people who he sold crack to as an initial stepping stone for his status and living standards.

    • ALM247

      It’s amazing. A lot of people will continue to follow both him and his wife, regardless of what they do or don’t do.

      Their spin machines are AMAZING. I think the reason that she addressed the elevator incident is that she is gobsmacked that something happened that even their well paid machine couldn’t explain.

      I was disappointed in how many Black people were surprised by Jay-z’s actions. He has displayed this type of behavior before, but people choose to ignore certain things when certain people are at fault.

  • TheQuestions

    I just hope the majority of the money goes to victims and not lawyers who probably think the same way about black people as Barney’s employees.

  • They’ll make that money back in less than a week.