Black girls with blonde hair is hardly a new phenomenon but it recently hit our radar again when our beloved Jill Scott posed for Essence Magazine in a platinum blonde wig. Jilly from Philly is a stunning woman no matter her hair color but quite a few people weren’t taken with the new hue. Ms. Scott isn’t the first or the last star to go blonde and make us long for the days when their hair was dark brown. Check out 10 stars we prefer with their natural hair color and tell us if you agree!

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  • StoneeHaze88

    Naomi’s hair looks super fake! I like her better dark, Jill can do blond just not THAT blonde…a more golden blonde would suit her best. And Amerie? NOOOOOO! WHY?

  • Essence Gant

    I usually love darker hair over blonde too, but I actually like Beyonce and Mary J. (who’s not pictured) better as blondes for some reason. Mary especially! That woman rocks blonde like nobody else, which is probably why she wasn’t on this list :)