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Fashion is a very closed and exclusive clique. It’s a hard circle to enter even for the most creative and talented designers, and even more so for those of color. We see the same designers at every fashion week and throughout the pages of Vogue and Bazaar and rarely do they look like us. But among the many Black women designers who are putting in overtime in exchange for overdue credit, there are a few who’ve managed to make significant strides within the last few years and stir up a buzz. Here are three whose designs you should definitely start checking for and adding to your wardrobe!

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  • Blasé

    can we have the option to view articles on one page, please?

    • MayaSimoneTruth

      It seems like either way, viewing multiple photos sucks because when Clutch switched to having all the photos on one page, it would take forever for them to load, sometimes I’d have to reload my page for it to act right and then it would still take 3+ minutes if there were 10-20 photos.

    • Hi Blasé,

      Maya’s right. Due to how the site galleries are set up – this is the best option for us right now.

      We are always trying to make the gallery experience better – so hopefully we will find another option that works with our site soon that allows readers to view all gallery photos on on page.

      Our apologies – Thanks!

  • MayaSimoneTruth

    I really like the twins’ designs. Clutch, which designer is supposed to be on page 2?

    • Hi Maya,

      It’s only three. Sorry about that! Thanks for commenting!

  • Chelsea

    i think a lot of people like to support black businesses but i don’t know how y’all readership is about their money but i’m not the type to pay $400 for a dress, $65 for spandex pants or $85 for a skirt.

    • omfg

      i never understand comments like this. if it isn’t for you, for whatever reason, it isn’t for you. the prices should not stop clutch from exposing the designers to this or any audience.

      do you expect that they should only feature designers who sell clothes at the forever 21 price point? i’m sure there are many different kinds of women who post, read clutch diligently or just pass through and may click when they see something interesting who can afford this.

      i’m sure that there are many women on this site who themselves spent several hundred to a few thousand dollars on handbags and shoes and may be game for something like this.

      black designers (or other entrepreneurs) should not have to feel like they need to stay at a low price point. there are women of different colors who will pay for this.

      some of the clothes are also made in the usa which costs more money than just shipping them to china to for production.

    • Lynette

      I’m with OMFG. I have the income that allows me to purchase at the stated price points. Black business owners want to make a profit just like any other business owners. We need to stop thinking that black businesses should offer their services and products at bargain basement prices.

    • Additionally, the quality of work from each of these designers is consistent with the price point. I’ve seen and inspected all of their work and have several pieces from 2 of the 3 designers. None of them are overpriced considering the product they produce. But even if it’s something you may not necessarily be able to afford, or willing to purchase, it’s still just nice to know by name Black women in the industry making moves. Thanks everyone for reading too!

  • Kam

    Gorgeous! Thanks for featuring them. I wouldn’t know about them otherwise.

  • I truly love Modahnik collection! However due to the pricing and exclusion of plus sizes, I am left to sit on the sidelines and which the parade go by. I wish them much success in the future thou.