Families from Gwoza, Borno State, displaced by the violence and unrest caused by the insurgency, are pictured at a refugee camp in Mararaba Madagali, Adamawa State

Residents of the Nigerian town of Gwoza said they had to flee the area because Boko Haram militants killed dozens of locals on Wednesday. According to  reports, dozens of people who did not flee in time were killed.

“Dozens of our people have been killed by the attackers, some were slaughtered and many others shot with guns,” said resident James Mshelia to AFP.

This isn’t the first time Boko Haram attacked Gwoza. The town’s emir was killed by the extremists in May. On Wednesday, his son and successor, Mohammad Idrissa Timta, was said to be missing.

“From all indications, our emir is also missing because we don’t know his whereabouts,” said Halima Jatau, a resident fleeing Gwoza, to AFP.

Boko Haram has been blamed for killing over 10,000 people  since the start of its militant Islamist offensive in 2009.

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