Detroit Water Shutoff Protest

A crowdfunding campaign is currently underway to help Detroit residents who are behind on their bill payments and face having their water shut off.

 Turn on Detroit’s Water was created by Tiffani Ashley Bell and Kristy Tillman as an effort to help more than 80,000 of the city’s residents who are overdue on their water bills.

“We both felt like there’s something we should be doing,” Bell said. “And we both came to the conclusion that we would pay someone’s water bill for them, if we could actually help with that.”

Detroit residents can submit requests for help on the website by providing their Detroit Water and Sewerage Department account number, and overdue amount. They will then be matched with a donor.

Bell and Tillman, who live in Oakland and Boston respectively, wanted to create a system that allows people to pay directly to the source and provide immediate relief. Of the 320 people who have requested help for bills that are as high as $5,500, 19 have had their bills completely paid off, including one person who owed the city $500.

“At this point, it’s totally giving you a clean slate to work from,” Bell said. “You can take it from there on your own.”

To help out a Detroit resident, visit the site: http://detroit-water-project.herokuapp.com/index.html 

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