It would be an understatement to say that Condola Rashad comes from “good stock”.  Her mother, Phylicia Rashad not only secured her crown as tv’s favorite black mother, but also is a Broadway veteran. And then there’s her father, Ahmad Rashad, although her parents divorced when she was a teen, Condola credits his determination and work ethic when it comes to her own.

Condola is currently staring in the revival of “The Trip to Bountiful” and also wrapped up “Romeo and Juliet”, playing opposite Orlando Bloom. But in a recent interview with WAG, the actress detailed the life changes she’s made and how she’s dealt with racist trolls.

From WAG:

So at the beginning of this year, Rashad made some major New Year’s resolutions. She quit smoking. She took up yoga and meditation. She began to eat better. She set a new professional goal, too – score a breakthrough TV gig.

Almost instantly, she was tapped for “Hieroglyph,” a Fox action-adventure series set in ancient Egypt. Cast as the pharaoh’s power-hungry half-sister, Rashad was thrilled to shift away from sweet-faced ingénues: “I’ve really wanted to play someone with an edge.” And while shooting the show’s pilot earlier this year in Morocco and Albuquerque was a blast, the demands of an hour-long drama series were also apparent. So she hoped the cleanse would help ready both mind and body for the challenges ahead.

“It’s been all about getting rid of bad habits and getting ready for this next big thing,” she says. “Another reason I wanted to do it was because I kind of wanted to test my will power. Just to see if I could do it. Now I feel very empowered by it.”

Yet three weeks after this breakfast interview, Rashad received upsetting news: Fox decided to shut down production of “Hieroglyph,” even though the show had already gotten the green light for 13 episodes scheduled to air mid-season. There were many reported reasons – budget concerns, creative problems, the departure of the network’s programming chief (who approved the series). But there’s one thing a confident Rashad knows for sure: This setback won’t get her down.

Although Condola said she received tons of support when she played Juliet, she also was shocked when she received racist tweets because of the interracial aspect the show took on.

“Not that I didn’t know (racism) existed, but I wasn’t really exposed to it. That was the first time where I was like, ‘Wow,’” she says. “But instead of getting angry, I realized that when people say things like that, it’s because they’re threatened for some reason. …I learned not to take it too personally.”

Apart from her acting pursuits, Condola is also a classically trained musician and the lead singer of the Stoop Kids. The group released their first album “The Letter 9,” in January and it has hints of Tina Turner and Lauryn Hill.

“The acting thing for me is on a roll, I’d say, so I’ll never stop doing that. But in my heart, I think I’m a musician who acts.”

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