An officer who pointed a semi-automatic assault rifle at a Ferguson, Missouri, protester and threatened to kill him has been suspended.

Labeled “Officer Shut The F*ck Up”, Ray Albers, was suspended by the St. Louis County Police Department. The department stated that Albers “has been relieved of duty and suspended indefinitely” over the incident.

In the video the officer is seen walking around with his assault riffle and pointing it at protesters.

“I’m going to f–king kill you,” he says. “Get back. Get back.”

The St. Louis County Police described the protester involved in what it deemed “a verbal exchange” to be “peaceful.”

Another man in the crowd then says out loud, “Did you threaten to kill him?”

The officer is asked for his name, to which he responds: “Go f–k yourself.”

Now look who’s f*cked!

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  • omfg

    More classic nuggets from the po po.

  • The officer is a disgrace without question.

  • vintage3000

    With this gem and the other one suspended for bragging about hating and killing people (while belonging to an anti-gov’t hate club), what will it take for the entire Ferguson police force to be reviewed?