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There are so many ways to rock artificial hair or added hair and with such a surge in the usage it appears it’s not going away anytime soon. More women (including naturals) are giving added hair a try for various reasons. Some say it’s a protective style, others like the relative ease it brings to the wearer while still others just like the versatility it offers without damaging one’s own tresses. Whatever the reason for wanting to rock added hair is irrelevant but what stays important is the proper implementation, maintenance and take down that surely gets many into trouble if they find problems when wearing added hair.

Weaves, braids, and wigs are an alternative to wearing your own hair or just to add volume to your own tresses and as the stigma of wearing added hair dissipates, more women are reaching out to give at least one style a try. I’ve had braids, weaves and wigs before and although I wasn’t very good at keeping my hair healthy when I had them in, I now know why. Proper knowledge. Going out and just purchasing a wig or running to the priciest salon and getting a sew-in is pretty easy to do. You just need the money, but before you think that having the money is the most important part of added hair, think again. Maintaining the health of your hair (the hair underneath) is more important than the style or the cost. It comes 2nd to only who you choose to do it for you as making sure the installer knows what they are doing and using clean practices should always be #1 on your list!

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