Conditioners are a huge part of our natural hair routines. They are necessary…no essential to ensure our hair stays healthy. Let’s face it, we put a serious beating on our hair daily! From dying, to straightening to curling and detangling, we are forever manipulating our strands. Add sun, wind and other elements and you really see the damage that can be inflicted to our strands. All of these things can and do cause permanent damage if we don’t counter against them and even though you may use a regular everyday conditioner, something stronger is needed.

The Need for Deep Conditioning
For naturally straight hair, the need to deep condition is not necessary as often as for curly, coily or kinky hair. Let’s face it…their hair can take more of a beating than our more fragile tresses can take. Kinky, coily, curly hair is delicate because the cuticle of a curl naturally remains slightly raised. This makes the strands more susceptible to breakage and split ends. We must always be gentler to our strands no matter what so it stands to reason we would need a deep conditioner more often. If naturally straight-haired women can go once a month with a deep conditioner you can best believe we need to be deep conditioning weekly or during every washday.

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