tai-beauchampWomen who desire children but face the time limits of their biological clocks have more options than ever today. Tai Beauchamp, a stunning style expert and regular on “The View,” explores one in her profile for Essence Magazine‘s September issue “Baby Rain Check.” In the excerpt, Tai reveals that she wanted to have two children but her focus shifted after a broken engagement and long-term care for her sick grandmother. At a doctor’s appointment for a fibroid issue, Tai’s physician broached the topic of motherhood.

Tai tells Essence: “My doctor pointed out that I was at the age of egg maturation and doing well professionally. She asked why not go ahead and have kids now? My answer was because I didn’t have a life partner.”

On her 35th birthday, she decided to have ten of own eggs frozen to ensure she can start a family later on in life. Essence reports the American Society for Reproductive Medicine recently lifted the “experimental” label from egg freezing and that recent breakthroughs have increased its success. Jamie L. Morris, M.D., of Reproductive Medicine Associates of New Jersey says her center has a 90 percent survival rate for eggs after they are frozen.

Morris, who served as Tai’s doctor throughout the process, told Essence: “Tai is a classic example of the women I treat. She is highly successful and ambitious, and wants to ensure she will have all the other pieces to her life as well. She came in understanding there were going to be limits to her fertility and wanted to do something about it.”

Though her first consultation was free, Tai paid $3,000 out of pocket for blood work to determine her eggs were healthy enough for the procedure. Read more about her experience here and in the September issue of Essence Magazine.

What are your thoughts on freezing eggs, Clutchettes? If you were looking to have children later in life, is it something you would consider?

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