Though no one has confirmed it yet, it seems that Christina Milian and Lil Wayne are dating. The two have made several appearances together including the Espys, she had “TNT” shaved into the back of her head (said to stand for Tina N Tunechi, Wayne’s nickname), and it’s rumored he referenced her in a song with the lyric: “I’ll Take Your Tina.” Their alleged courtship has tongues wagging because they’re connected through children: Christina Milian has a child with The-Dream who has a child with Nivea who has a child with Lil Wayne. So in essence, Christina’s dating her baby’s father’s baby’s mother’s baby’s father. Still with us?

The-Dream spoke about Christina’s new rumored boyfriend in an interview with VladTV. Asked to describe their dynamic, he said: “Super dynamic, that’s pretty good, right? But uh, I think that’s what everybody was thinking when the news broke. Well, everybody was thinking that but supposedly Christina. She wasn’t thinking of that at all. I have no idea how she could NOT be thinking of that.”

Nivea then posted the interview clip on her Instagram with the caption: “Hmmmm.. drops mic.. #She’sAScareCrow.” Scarecrow allegedly means she has no brain. Birthday parties should be…interesting. I hope they continue to keep it cute for the sake of the kids.

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  • Mary Burrell

    With all the horror that’s been happening in our country i need some foolishness like this for distraction.

  • binks

    Honestly, the majority of Hollywood and the entertainment industry is one giant cesspool of partners swapping and switching so I don’t know why anyone is surprised here.

  • CAsweetface

    To each his/her own but he looks like Daffy Duck with his beak shot off (looney tunes anybody??)…I don’t get the attraction (eww). Anyway, yea, everyone just moves from one celeb/pseudo celeb to the next so this isn’t shocking or even relevant to life sooo….yea….and the Dream is a douche how dare he have an opinion on dating and marriage. SMH