Is gluten actually bad for you? There are a lot of mixed messages out there and we want to give you a clear answer. Also, for all of you with a gluten intolerance, we tell you which grains are safe and which should be avoided.

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  • omfg

    I’m glad they made this video.

    People have lost their minds when it comes time to talk about diet, grains and gluten.

    Yet, the same people are oblivious to the scientifically proven dangers of animal products.

  • I am glad of this video, because the Sisters have shown excellent information about gluten.

  • Christelyn Russell-Karazin

    I don’t eat gluten, and follow a primarily paleo diet. I stay away from the gluten-free processed foods too..they’re full of junk. Contrary to what the video suggested, giving up wheat, rice, and potatoes DID help me lose a ton of weight. No calorie counting, no feeling hungry. No sugar spikes that cause belly fat. Here’s me. I’m 41.

    • I was going to avoid posting on this board because there are some people who are adamant about not eating meat and take issue with any diet that can be considered low carb. I am following the paleodiet as well and so far have lost approximately 40lbs over the course of five months. I am getting better results as I become more compliant. I think the biggest hurdle is cooking almost everything from scratch and finding grass-fed meat. Btw, you look great !!

    • Christelyn Russell-Karazin

      Keep it up! After a while it becomes so easy. I grow a lot of my own food, and right now I have something to eat out of it every day.

    • Thanks. I am trying. My goal is to go into boxing, then kickboxing, and eventually mixed martial arts. If I don’t eat right (particularly iron rich foods), my workouts will suffer. It has been nearly five and half months and I have no urge to eat junk food or even fast food (even the salads at most fast food restaurants with the exception of Panera Bread taste processed). I think the key for me is trying new recipes overtime to see which ones work in order to bring more variety to my diet.

    • Kema

      You look awesome!!! I was a pescatarian for 6 years. I decided last year to start eating meat again and to remove bread from my diet. It has been great. The first thing I noticed was a decrease is brain fog. I’m not quite paleo but I eat a diet that consists of mostly meat and veggies. I’m hypothyroid which makes it really hard to lose weight. The change in diet was exactly what I needed.

    • Christelyn Russell-Karazin

      I know EXACTLY what you mean about “brain fog.” I haven’t had that since I gave up wheat and white foods like rice and potatoes. Joint pain is gone too!