Across social media and virtually every form of online media, people constantly refer those who are struggling with various emotional and spiritual burdens to Iyanla Vanzant. Thanks to her “Fix My Life” series, she’s become somewhat of a home remedy of problem solvers. The way people toss her name about is almost akin to receiving that dose of cod liver oil as a child—no matter what was wrong with you, it was always the solution. But after Vanzant’s visit to Ferguson to spread her special brand of healing, she may require some fixing of her own.

Apparently the all-encompassing force that is Black Twitter was none too pleased to learn about Vanzant’s presence in Ferguson, namely because she arrived with a camera crew in tow to film a special episode of “Fix My Life,” In Vanzant’s words, her intent is to “provide a set of tools to begin the healing process while also promoting peaceful change.”

Despite that statement, those who opposed Vanzant’s #FixMyLifeFerguson campaign accused the spiritual life coach of trying to profit off the pain that lingers in the wake of Mike Brown’s murder. Several photos circulated on Twitter showing Vanzant amongst the protestors, and she even tweeted a photo of herself meeting with Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson and Brown’s uncle, Pastor Charles Ewing.

What do you think Clutchettes? Do Vanzant’s #FixMyLife plans have a place in Ferguson?

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  • What’s wrong with healing

    Let me get this straight: a spiritual teacher, a rape victim, single mother who was victim of domestic violence has brought her success and insight to a people in mourning and the problem with this is? SMDH. I just can’t. I can’t.

  • What’s wrong with healing

    I am convinced we as a people want to wallow in grief without any action or healthy results. Iyanla has the ability to help people overcome. Plus, her show is a way to highlight the pain of the people of Ferguson. instead of showing them looting and in confrontation, this show would show them in pain and as human beings. What is wrong with this? Must we attack every darn thing? Must we?

  • KG

    I’m guessing most of the people doing nothing but typing about Ferguson from behind their computer screens missed the show. That’s the only way I could see them thinking this was for exploitation. It was clear that she used her influence, her cameras, etc. to get people on board the journey towards change. Leadership is MISSING in the Black community. True leadership is lacking and at the very least she started the conversation with Ferguson community leaders. Any civil rights movement, conflict etc. never saw progress without leadership and organization. I support #HandsUpSeeMe

  • I saw the show last night and i was grateful thhe;at Iyanla Van-Zant went to Ferguson. I thought she brought some fresh insight to the table in helping the town get some order and helping the young black men talk about their pain and hurt and frustration. She is an instrument for healing i am convinced.