We thought the fixation with Jeremy Meeks aka #FelonBae had died down. Meeks, who was arrested by the Gang Task Force and Gang Suppression Unit on felony weapons charges, became a public figure when his mugshot went viral. Soon after, the public infatuation with Meeks reached new heights with the release of an image revealing his bedroom weapon and photos of his equally attractive older brother. There was even talk that Meeks nabbed a modeling deal.

Fast-forward to today and the unthinkable has happened: Meeks has an action figure made in his likeness. That’s My Face, the leading site for dolls and action figures, created a 12-inch “Hot Convict” action figure that’s a dead ringer for Meeks from the blue eyes to the defined cheekbones. It’s not surprising that the company is trying to capitalize off of Meeks and we highly doubt he’ll see a dime of the revenue.

Update: Jeremy Meeks Threatens to Sue Over Action Figure

“Unfortunately, a representative from GR Media, who claims to represent Jeremy Meeks, did eventually get back to us and prefers that we do not publicize our one-off custom figure of Jeremy,” a rep for That’s My Face told Mashable.com. “He demanded, under threat of legal action, that we remove the photos of the figure, which we have done.”

What do you think of the “Hot Convict” Action figure?

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