Despite his well-documented struggle to break into high fashion and his now-famous argument with Sway about it, Kanye West is still trying to make a name for himself as a designer. This should help: Giuseppe Zanotti named ‘Ye as the muse for one of his new sandals from the 20th Anniversary jewel capsule collection.


The sandals are similar to the ivory pair with decorative leaves Kanye designed, which was inspired by “Cruel Summer.” Conversely, this pair comes in gold and without heels.


The shoes retail for $1,695. And like every pair in the anniversary collection, they were inspired by a memory: “I was having dinner with Kanye on a warm summer evening when we decided to collaborate on his first collection. It was an unforgettable evening, with amazing company and energizing ideas. I need music for inspiration, for life. These sandals are inspired by the muse of music, by glamor and pure sex appeal,” Zanotti writes.

Would you rock these, Clutchettes?


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