Keke Palmer is going to have a vast collection of Stuart Weitzman glass slippers as she becomes Broadway’s first black Cinderella. The actress and new talk show host will take over  the lead role in the stage musical Cinderella next month, making her the first black woman to play the role on Broadway.

“It’s honestly one of those things that I can’t believe is really happening,” Palmer told CBS News. “I’m very excited. Very excited and nervous as well — a bunch of feelings all at once.”

The 21-year-old has the full support of the producers of the show, who  have always practiced blind casting when it comes to the race of the actors in their musicals and plays.

“She acts beautifully, she dances, she sings — she’s an amazing young woman,” Tony Award-winning producer Robyn Goodman said. “I think she’s going to be just so lovely.”

“We’ve always just cast the best people for the parts. Sometimes they’re African-American, sometimes they’re Latino, sometimes Asian-American,” Goodman said. “It’s wonderful when it works out and we’ve finally found our Cinderella.”

Palmer credits her parents, who are also actors, for exposing her to plays and musicals as a child, and feels that she’s ready to take this huge step.

“Theater offers so much more than I haven’t been able to access doing film and TV and everything like that,” she said. “I’m very excited to learn all that it has to offer — that focus and that dedication to perform at a certain level every night.”

Palmer will make her debut in Cinderella on September 9th.



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