Monday was Eniko Parrish’s 30th birthday, and short funny man Kevin Hart took the opportunity to express his love to his #rib by proposing.

“Which is why on this perfect day I chose to make the most perfect decision,” Hart said as he got down on one knee. Which wasn’t a long distance to travel.

Of course Parrish said yes.

Here’s hoping there’s an iron clad prenup in order. God forbid his #rib decides to one day pack up her bags and leave him. In the state of California, that’ll cost him at least 50%.

And also, it’s a little suspect that Hart chose yesterday to pop the question, as his ex-wife Torrei Hart made her “Atlanta Exes” debut.

In a recent interview about her new reality show, Torrei discussed her previous relationship.

“I was deeply hurt, I knew this man, way before any of the celebrity and any of the fame,” she told C Nikky. “we had children and I thought marriage was forever, but it’s not.”

Torrei’s storyline will center around her issues with Eniko being around her kids, especially since she said Eniko was the “other woman”.

“This show is more so about us moving forward,” said Torrei. ” I’m onto bigger and better things and just living my life post-divorce.”

Torrei also brought up the fact that once black men get famous, they up and leave the woman who held them down for a lighter, younger one, “Why is it that all black men, when they reach a certain level, they have to feel like they need someone of another race, or a different skin tone on their arm?”

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