On the heels of  Michael Brown’s killing  in St. Louis, reports are emerging about a  24-year-old black man in South Los Angeles who was killed by cops.

Ezell Ford’s mother, Tritobia Ford, said her son was lying on the ground and obeying police orders when they shot him three times. According to KTLA, Ezell’s cousin told the news station that the officers in the area knew that Ford had “mental problems” and “complications.” The man told KTLA that police shot Ezell Ford in the back, and that when Ford’s mother approached police asking for information, they pulled out billy clubs.

“They laid him out and for whatever reason, they shot him in the back, knowing mentally, he has complications. Every officer in this area, from the Newton Division, knows that — that this child has mental problems,” the man said.

“The excessive force … there was no purpose for it. The multiple shootings in the back while he’s laying down? No. Then when the mom comes, they don’t try to console her … they pull the billy clubs out.

The LAPD said in a statement that the incident will be reviewed by the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Justice System Integrity Division and other agencies.

The incident took place at about 8:20 p.m. Monday night as officers conducted an investigative stop, according to the LAPD statement. During that stop, “a struggle ensued” and this resulted in an “officer-involved shooting,” according to the statement.

The man underwent surgery at a local hospital and died, the LAPD said.

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  • Blue Ivy’s beautiful bun

    Study after study has shown that police officers and many non-black people in general, don’t see black people as being human, and since they don’t see us as human they are able to justify treating us like animals.

    There is no other explanation for the multitude of unarmed black people that have been killed for offenses such as seeking help after a car crash, walking home from a corner store, or allegedly selling cigarettes. Meanwhile people like the Aurora shooter, and the Tuscon shooter are brought into custody without incident.

    • ALM247

      Without incident and with the benefit of the doubt and empathy from most of America.

  • Me

    you gotta be the slimiest low down most disgusting savage thug to shoot somebody in the back. but the fact is we know from history that the lapd won’t do s**t about cleaning the riff raff outta their ranks. gang/mob mentality is hard to break.

    • Anthony

      Not only was he shot in the back, he was shot in the back laying on the ground!

    • It is a shame that unarmed black people have been disrespected and murdered by many people. I express my condolences to the family of Brother Ezell Ford. This is an emergency. Brothers and Sisters are dying and we have to address this issue as an act of war against all in the black community. We are all in risk of being killed by crooked officers or by other evil folks too. Ezell Ford was shot in the back as told by numerous witnesses. Even his own mother said that she was harmed by the police.

  • Mary Burrell

    “Make me want to holler throw up both my hands” Marvin Gaye’s Inner City Blues from back in the day is still happening.

  • Mary Burrell

    “Unarmed” These slave catchers are some damn cowards shooting unarmed folks while still on the ground. SMH,

  • ALM247

    Now we all know that America refuses to allow most Black people to be actual humans who are capable of having mental illnesses.

    It’s sad.

    The link says that there was an officer involved shooting, but it doesn’t even say if they even tried to verify that Brown was actually involved in the shooting. They could have had the wrong man.

    They shoot Brown in his back, while school shooters are given the benefit of the doubt of mental illness diagnoses. SMH