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We are absolutely in love with ENews Correspondent Alicia Quarles. From her flawless hair and makeup to her trendsetting style — Alicia is just everything! Alicia started her career as a producer with the Associated Press and then later joined E and the NBC family. This beautiful California native and USC graduate  is not only extremely smart but hands down the best-dressed correspondent to ever hit the scene.

Alicia on where her “passion for fashion” originated:

This definitely came from my sister. Prior to working in private banking, Amber worked in the corporate offices of companies such as Armani and Saks. While I was buying YM and Seventeen, Amber had a subscription to Vogue and taught me about quality over quantity.

Check out some of our favorite beauty and style looks from this up and coming force in media.

Make sure you check out Alicia on ENews and follow her on Instagram @ instagram.com/alicialquarles

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