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Another day, another round of skin-bleaching rumors. Meagan Good has always light-skinned but a series of photographs where she appears lighter prompted skeptics to claim she’s bleaching her skin. Meagan is no Dencia and she turned to Instagram to address the issue once and for all:

“I can’t believe I’m actually going to address this nonsense but I have young women who follow me so I think it’s important to give clarity because I believe that Black and every other color is beautiful. This is for those who believe that I would actually bleach my face and entire body to try to be lighter skinned. Umm No Ma’am. First off? I LOVE my complexion no matter what side of the spectrum I’m at at any particular time. My skin looks various different ways for various reasons from lighting to makeup, style of photography or something as simple as weather and what coast I’m working on at any given time. This is my complexion: the one I was born with. I tend to get lighter and darker depending upon how much sun I do or don’t get. I love the sun. I’m a Cali gal but as I’ve gotten older and especially more recently, since I’ve gotten into my ’30s, I tend not to be in the sun as much because it ages your skin terribly. Simply put, I’m opting to preserve my skin by protecting it and only making exceptions for vacations. Also, for the rest of the people who feel as though my blonde hair is yet another way to look more Caucasian? ‘GET. YO. LIFE.’ I went blonde for the same reason I went purple and for the same reason I’ll probably go Green at some point because I felt like it. Once again, I acknowledge I really shouldn’t have taken the time to respond to this foolishness, but I felt moved to say something for every little brown girl that follows my page. I’m proud to be me brown or tan, thick or thin, natural hair or weave or dyed purple or green. God bless.”

Do the complexion police ever take a day off? Do you think the constant speculation over celebrity skin bleaching has gone too far? What are your thoughts on Meagan Good’s response?

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  • binks

    Yeah I do think the claims of bleaching is going to far. Clearly you can see that the flash of the camera illuminated her skin combined with the blond her. Off topic, I think Megan is gorgeous but I would love to see her go back to her darker short hair style this hair does nothing for her.

  • Mary Burrell

    Who cares.

  • ALM247

    Lighter hair usually automatically makes a Black person’s skin tone look lighter than usual. It looks like Meagan may have a lighter shade of concealer under her eyes, and that may be making her skin look lighter. There also appears to be a massive amount of lighting directed at her on the red carpet.

    All three of these elements can make her skin appear significantly lighter.

    On a side note, it seems as if the public is always on to Meagan about something. Every since she said that she was going to remain celibate until marriage, the public has been placing her under a microscope. It’s something negative every other month. Please give this lady a break!

  • Very well put. She shouldn’t have to respond.