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No one in the media worried if Adam Lanza, the Sandy Hook Elementary sniper, had a criminal record, or probably considered ever looking into it. But in the case of Mike Brown, a headline today informed that world that voila, “MIKE BROWN HAS NO CRIMINAL RECORD”.

After I saw that headline, I wanted to fling my laptop across the wrong and say every cuss word in the world, 10 times. Once again, the media has proved that the treatment of black victims is harsher than it’s portrayal of white crimes suspects.

Since Sunday, #Iftheygunnedmedown has been trending on Twitter, and it has some of the most provocative images of black men and women and how they feel the media would portray them if they were ever a victim of a crime. And it’s unfortunate, but it’s probably true. Best believe, your photo of you and your friends having a good time with a few bottles of your favorite alcoholic beverage, would be used before the photo of your college graduation is even thought of.

Mainstream media is keeping a watchful eye on social media, and hopefully while they’re busy stealing our stories, they’ll realize how full of shit they really are when it comes to reporting on us.

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