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No one in the media worried if Adam Lanza, the Sandy Hook Elementary sniper, had a criminal record, or probably considered ever looking into it. But in the case of Mike Brown, a headline today informed that world that voila, “MIKE BROWN HAS NO CRIMINAL RECORD”.

After I saw that headline, I wanted to fling my laptop across the wrong and say every cuss word in the world, 10 times. Once again, the media has proved that the treatment of black victims is harsher than it’s portrayal of white crimes suspects.

Since Sunday, #Iftheygunnedmedown has been trending on Twitter, and it has some of the most provocative images of black men and women and how they feel the media would portray them if they were ever a victim of a crime. And it’s unfortunate, but it’s probably true. Best believe, your photo of you and your friends having a good time with a few bottles of your favorite alcoholic beverage, would be used before the photo of your college graduation is even thought of.

Mainstream media is keeping a watchful eye on social media, and hopefully while they’re busy stealing our stories, they’ll realize how full of shit they really are when it comes to reporting on us.

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  • Me

    best tweet i saw:


    #IfTheyGunnedMeDown I just want the headline to say “Toxicology reports show his melanin levels were more than five times the legal limit.”

  • ALM247

    Have you all seen the press conference where the governor of MO says we need to hold hands?

    Because holding hands will solve racial profiling and excessive police brutality. *Sarcasm*

    “Mainstream media is keeping a watchful eye on social media, and hopefully while they’re busy stealing our stories, they’ll realize how full of s*** they really are when it comes to reporting on us”.

    We now know what we are up against. We know that the majority of the media is not going to play this game fairly. Since we already know this, then we have to be proactive. Don’t make it easy on the media to spin your life story their way.

    There is no need to put each and every piece of your life online. In an idea world you could share your life with the world, but we do not live in that world.

    If you have to resort to only putting up pictures of your family reunion and graduation, so be it. It’s not fair, but I would rather us be discussing how we can’t put all of our pictures online as opposed to discussing another unnecessary, tragic unfounded death.

    Putting up the right pictures is not going to stop this police brutality, but it is going to make it harder for the media to demonize victims.

    • Anthony

      Missouri Governor Jay Nixon surely had to struggle against every instinct in his political soul to go against the STL County PD. Missouri is one of the few places in America where there are still old style White Democrats who love a nice social net and unions, but are not too keen on African Americans. Jay Nixon cut his teeth in state politics as attorney general where he fought busing and aggressively pushed for executions.

      The embarrassment that Missouri suffered before the world spured him into action. Senator McCaskill, who needs urban black votes to stay in office, and President Obama forced his hand. As a person from the greater STL region, the biggest disappointment was the one high ranking black politician, outgoing County Executive Charley Dooley. The man was just defeated overwhelmingly a few weeks ago in a primary election that racially polarized in the extreme, yet he could not bring himself to criticize the police despite the fact that he probably has nothing political to gain from holding his tongue.

    • Me

      sorry but that sounds a lot like something don lemon would say. i can’t get down with “acting right” so white folks can feel comfy enough to not shoot me b/c we all know pics or no pics white media will never paint us in anything but a bad light in these situations. if they don’t have bad pics of us to put up, they’ll just put up pics of our dead bodies from the crime scene. this ain’t a problem w/us, it’s a problem w/them & no matter what we do, the problem is still there. so i don’t get down with making myself small hoping they won’t step on me.

    • vintage3000

      Agreed. When we live in a culture where white serial killers are treated better than unarmed murdered Black people, what difference does it make what photos we have on social media. They can post all kinds of vile racist comments with their facebook logins, complete with their full names, photos and employers listed. Now the new strategy is to pretend everyone’s eyes don’t work properly– they are saying Eric Garner was not choked to death even though it’s clearly on video. We are not dealing with sane human beings, and its too exhausting to worry about how they will treat us after one of them kills us for no reason.

    • ALM247

      The photos shouldn’t make a difference, but that still doesn’t mean we should post any and everything online.

      We all know that this is unfair, but posting pictures of any and everything is only helping the case of the already biased media.

      I am saying that if you already know that someone is targeting you, it won’t hurt to use some discretion. How are we hurt by not posting any and every picture online?

      Ten years ago we didn’t have all of these social media outlets, and people weren’t losing jobs over online posts, either.

      We need to use social media to our advantage, as in the cases of Eric Garner, etc., where social media is used to document abuse of police force. We need to be cautious of any social media situation, such as pictures, that can be used against us.

    • ALM247

      You and I are often on the same page on articles on this site, but we will have to agree to partially disagree on this one.

      Note that I said that “Putting up the right pictures is not going to stop this police brutality, but it is going to make it harder for the media to demonize victims”.

      My point is don’t make it easy for people when they are already targeting you.

      It’s not about “acting right”. For example, if your boss is already on your case, don’t make it easy for him or her by showing up 30 minutes late, etc.

      If your boss is evil, make them really work to show that they are after you. Don’t give your boss any valid leverage that he or she can use against you. If you had to make a case against your boss, they would use the tardiness, etc. against you.

      What’s the use in us posting a bunch of questionable photos, when all that will happen is that they will be used against us?

      It’s not fair. It’s not our fault, but I’m saying that we shouldn’t give the media any help in the process.

      You shouldn’t have to make yourself “small” as you stated, but I don’t see how refraining from posting each and every thing in your life online can make you “small”.

    • vintage3000

      Your points are valid, but thing is when racists get going they will reinterpret/invent/whatever like Me said. One photo of young Black men throwing a molotov cocktail is shown repeatedly while photos of other young Black men who volunteered to clean up early the next morning are totally ignored. A peace sign from the murdered young man is reinterpreted as a gang sign by these frothing at the mouth demons.

      In regards to job hunting I totally agree with you though. I never understood the point of posting one’s entire life online.

    • Me

      i hear what your saying and i guess we do partially disagree, but the issue is that we’re not talking about folks who are playing with the same set of rules. i definitely am one to prefer folks to not fight back w/police after they already targeted you, but the issue w/photos & the media is that they aren’t using “bad” things that you do against you. they’re using “normal” things that EVERYONE does against a select few.

      i looked at a lot of the pix from that hashtag & even some wp posted pix of them doing the exact same things that black youth do on social media, which is basically partying & acting goofy. but the diff is they’ll use goofy pix outta context for black youth & completely ignore goofy pix for whites. same behavior, same harmlessness, but it’s a catch 22 for one & not the other. so i feel like even if all black folks took down every questionable pic, if we got gunned down, they would just dig into your school records, or dig into your medical records, or whatever else they could get their hands on to create the story they wanna create.

      if the media is like a boss, the media would be that boss that would randomly walk by your desk while you’re using the bathroom & write you up for deserting your post, or the boss who would try to catch you if you come in 30 seconds late but then also threaten your job if you don’t stay an extra 3 hrs after you were supposed to go home to work on a project that you know is not urgent enough to require those kinda hrs.

      i’m all for bp doing the right thing in general, but i’m not gonna say do it so we don’t give them ammo. they already have ammo regardless of if we do the right thing. they created the game so we won’t win.

  • KamJos

    I’m glad this criticism of the media happened, it’s been long overdue and it needs to continue.

  • Mariah Asphalt

    You are right! The media perpetrates negative images and therefore the violence against Black people. I’m sure the white boy did not have on a suit and tie when his incident took place. Just as I’m sure Mike Brown’s mother has a picture of him that shows him in a positive light. When you look on the face of it, it’s the media who are the real culprits for the negative image they depict of Black people and therefore the violence against Black people, and they have been doing it for DECADES! We need to hold the t.v. stations and newspapers accountable! I could list them all, but you know who I’m talking about.

    • Sheik Yerbouti

      You so easily rattle off with “white boy” knowing full well it’s a bigoted insult that YOU would never tolerate. How do you plan to fight racism with bigotry?